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Welcome to the Web site of the North Katanga Conference of the United Methodist Church. Here in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) we are creating church-centered communities that care for the mind, the body and the soul through new churches and pastors, employment enterprises, agriculture, health care, education, orphanages, and much more. Churches in the DRC are often the only providers of education and health care.

Thank you for your prayers and donations, which help make this possible. Every day lives are saved, people are educated, and children find a home because of your support. To find out more about what you can do, click on How You Can Help.

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Click on News to get reports from North Katanga. Many are provided by Rev. Betty Musau who is one of the official communications liaisons in the North Katanga District.

From the Bishop

Bishop Ntambo Nkulu is the spiritual leader of the North Katanga Conference. Learn more about his vision for the Congo for health initiatives and for agricultural development. Learn about the strategies for communication within the conference and around the world.


News Reports from Kamina:

NK Mourns the passing of Dr. Mireille

Ordination of Pastors and Deacons in Tanzania

Bishop Ntambo Awarded Peace Prize

Imagine No Malaria with Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Global Board of Church and Society Visit

Anti-Malaria Nets Arrive!

Health Care in Congo

Women's Day and Project in Tanzania

Anti-Malaria Efforts Continue

New HIV Screening Center

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